The Future of Product Marketing is People Marketing

A talk by Evan Davies
Head of Solutions, Partnerships & Marketing, Coda

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About this talk

Everywhere you look — especially with horizontal products — there are common patterns for solutions-based marketing. On one end of the spectrum, you have templates. Typically tied to a specific psychographic or user persona, they aim to clarify a product use case, and shortcut the implementation cost ー decreasing time-to-value. On the other end, you have case studies. Often in blog form, these tried and true posts add social proof and credibility to any solution your company sells through big logos and grandiose claims of success.

Look at B2B companies today, and it’s still part of the playbook. But there’s an emergent trend that’s far more interesting and may upend the old ways. Investor Li Jin has written about a new category of products focused on the “Passion Economy”, enabling creators to increase the revenue streams of their individual expression. More than ever, individuals are empowered to build themselves up. No longer cogs in a corporate machine — everyone can be an entrepreneur and develop their brand, and even turn it into a sustainable business.

While more platforms lean into this ideal in the personal setting (think Substack enabling thousands to monetize their expertise via newsletter), what is the role of B2B SaaS companies in this space? In this talk, I’ll share examples of how individual expression on SaaS platforms can be more powerful than the traditional case study, and how PMMs across this industry canーand shouldーput individual creations in the spotlight. The future where logos are replaced with headshots is coming!

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