Understanding What Drives Technology Purchases

A talk by Adem Sengul
Sr Product Marketing Manager, Amazon Web Services

16 June 2021, 06:30 PM

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About this talk

Understanding what drives technology purchases, and who the decision makers are is critical for go-to-market success. According to Gartner research on average, more than a dozen individuals are involved in the typical technology purchase.

The buying journey for a purchase may be significantly different if it’s a planned versus ad hoc purchase, and it will likely vary from company to company.

Finally, the journey will likely vary if a company has already purchased from a vendor as opposed to when it is making the first purchase. Technology product marketers must learn all they can about what creates demand and drives buying decisions.

In this session, Adem Sengul will:

  • Discuss how product marketing managers can identify influencers and decision makers

  • Explain how to better understand selection criteria and procurement processes

  • Provide use-case examples on how understanding the technology buying cycle impacts on downstream product marketing activities, including messaging, storytelling, content, demand generation, ABM and sales enablement

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